The United States Army Black Aviation Association was founded by founded by Chief Warrant Officer George T. Johnson, USA Retired in June of 1983. He and other Black Army Aviators, retired saw a need for an organization that could be a voice for Blacks in Army Aviation. In 1992 the organization changed its name from Unites States Army Black Aviators Association, Inc. to its current name in an effort to attract non-aviators and began an effort to attract and train new aviators and establish a scholarship fund for youth education. The purpose of USABAA as stated by the founders were as follows:
   1. To establish communications between former and current Army Aviators.
   2. To identify with Black America the contributions that Black Army Aviators have made to this country, both within the military and civilian communities.
   3. To encourage young Blacks and other minorities to consider the field of Army Aviation.

USABAA Officers and Executive Board and Advisors (1985)
 President   LTC (Ret) Charles H. Drummond, Jr 
 Vice President   CW4 (Ret) Carl Burhanann 
 Secretary   LTC (Ret) Benjamin C. Johnson 
 Treasurer   CW3 (Ret) George T. Johnson 
 Parliamentarian   Mr. William H. Gillispie 
 Executive Board    
 Chairman   COL (Ret) Harry W. Townsend 
 Members   CW3 (Ret) Fred E. Farmer 
    CW3 (Ret) Joseph p. Holland 
    CW4 (Ret) Thomas E. Holmes 
    CW4 J. M. (Jay) Nance 
 Advisors   Maj Gen (Ret) James F. Hamlet